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Ahsan Raza


OPTIMUM-TECH was established in 2015. And enjoying a very positive reputation across the town by the grace of Allah Almighty

Our main purpose of education is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, enabling future generations to have aspirations and empower them to compete globally. We aim to prepare our students for a lifetime of challenges and opportunities and develop a personal vision of preferred future. Our main focus is to make our customers/Students enough capable to support their family financially.

With the regard of all these objectives we have created some crucial paid and non-paid services and technical courses, providing internships, part-time/full-time jobs, a helping guide to monetize their achieving goals.

I'm also playing my part to bring a positive change in the technical society, providing cultured security systems and solution applications and assisting my customer to work smarter, helping my students to improve their communication deliverance and presentation. We let our students to reflect over their ideas and encourage them to build their ideas into the reality because this is what our outmost responsibility is.

We are also committed to provide free education, free medical facilities, free technical skills, free of cost courses, food supply to needy and blood donations for the striving patients.

Please join us in this pious gesture for our generation's upbringing and make their position strong and worthy in our society. As we all know that our generation is facing difficulties finding the right job for them according to their degree but a degree doesn't only matters, skills do too. Let's empower our children, the future of our country through training that would make their mark in society, our country, or maybe the world. The youth always is the surprising part of any community, nobody knows what youth can do if they have a strong back and grip in their hands. We have taken our initiative by establishing this institute, now is your turn to show them "That you care".  Thank you

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25-a, batala colony Faisalabad

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