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Live Learning Pakistan

Your pathway to success

Discover our platform offering lightning-fast courses, international certifications, and paid internships, creating a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Unlock your full potential with Live Learning Pakistan and embark on a transformative educational journey.


Live Learning Pakistan For Your Business

Live learning Pakistan is an educational platform for students to learn soft skills to make a career and do free lancing. This platform is made specially for the students who are free from their exams, who wants to learn a skill, those who lives in far off places (rural areas),the housewives, jobless people who wants to change their fields, those who wants to utilize their time to be productive etc. We offer multiple batches of courses that are available for students all over Pakistan. We offer courses for web development , mobile applications, Digital marketing & SEO, MS office, graphic designing, UI/UX designing, Rubik’s cube, smart AI tools etc.

Live Learning Pakistan gives diverse scope

This platform is accessible to everyone in Pakistan, and there is no age limit or qualification requirements to start learning. Even for kids, we have designed the courses o make the learning an interesting matter for them.

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